Healing with Aoife Valley

ART / writings

FocAil Bheo / Living Words

Towards the end of each week in my newsletter I write about an aspect of healing from a personal, local and global perspective. These living words knit together my love of language, ecology, biology and art, and also inform the handmade art pieces I offer locally. To sign up for the newsletter email me or add your email to the pop-up on this website.

The world is noisier now than it has ever been and I only offer words that increase the alive silence in people's minds and hearts, so they can reunite more easily with God and Mother Earth.

I have been writing poetry, autobiography and blog posts on healing for many years and, true to my minimalist, leave-no-trace approach to life, this content has evaporated into the mists of time, having done its job when it was needed. My newletters are the focail bheo relevant to now.

May we all increase the love on earth and diminish the suffering, le cuidiú Dé agus na haingil.