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The Haven

A place to relax and transform...

The Haven will be a family home that will run small meditation retreats through the year.

I am looking for a farmhouse with garden and woodland in which to locate The Haven, ideally in County Donegal. A fixer-upper is fine. It just needs an ecological heating system, at least five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

When settled in I will rennovate and create a secluded hut available to experienced meditators for personal retreat.

I have held immersive, silent, mindfulness retreats since 2012 in many wonderful centres. Maintaining the silence and providing healthy food was a problem though.

So, I decided to focus upon find this new home for small retreats and an expansion of my current honeybee sanctuary and organic gardens.

If you have any suggestions do please get in touch.


Aoife's vision of 'The Haven Honeybee and Mindfulness Sanctuary'  is a timely gesture towards healing in a critical time of global changes.

It recognizes the urgency for change and moves our attention towards inwardness and contemplation as the keystone elements in the process of creating a new paradigm of life.  The wisdom elements of Honeybees will be at the core of her vision of healing.

'The Haven Honeybee and Mindfulness Sanctuary' represents an impulse to weave new patterns in the fabric of our relationship with bees.  It will not only be medicinal for bees, but for the human soul as well.

Michael Thiele~
Michael Joshin Thiele, Gaia Bees Biodynamic Apiculture, CA USA



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