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I am looking for a farmhouse with garden and woodland, within half an hour of Letterkenny, County Donegal, in which I can live and run small retreats in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

A fixer-upper is ideal. It just needs a solid fuel stove with back boiler, at least four rooms, and a bath. When settled in, I am happy to rennovate and will build a secluded, wooden hut that will be available to experienced meditators throughout the year.

As I have done in all my homes, I will create an organic garden that will provide fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit. All planting in the garden will be of benefit to the health of humans, bees, soil and all wildlife.

The food served on retreats will be tasty, nourishing and detoxifying - vegetarian, organic, dairy & gluten free, and will include juices, cultured foods and wild foraging.

A rent-initially and buy-later contract suits me best. If you have any suggestions do please get in touch.

Click below to donate to the creation of this sanctuary. For large donations please consider emailing regarding a bank transfer.

Thank you,
Aoife, August 2017


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