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The Icicle House

Girl and Bearcub from The Icicle House

Long ago there was a little girl called Sarah who lived in a world made of icicles.

Her only friend was a big polar bear who would come to visit just once a year. When he came to stay she would snuggle deep down into his fur and sleep to the beat of his heart.

One year her polar bear friend didn't come and Sarah was very sad. She would look out from her icicle window every day and wait. But he never came.

Then one day, as she was outside catching snowflakes, Sarah saw a shape far off in the distance. It was getting bigger and bigger. After a long time she saw that it was a boy wearing a big fur coat and an even bigger smile.

The boy was cold. ‘Come inside for a hot drink to warm yourself up’, Sarah said. He stayed for four days and nights, and each night she slept on his warm fur coat. She was very happy to have someone to talk to and play with.

On the fifth day, the boy said he had to leave. ‘I am a traveller and can only stay in one place for four days’, he said. ‘I must leave. Will you come with me?’

‘I can’t. I would miss my icicle house too much and have to wait for my polar bear friend to come back’, Sarah said.

So, the boy gave Sarah a big hug and said goodbye. He walked off and became a shape on the horizon again, only this time he was getting smaller and smaller.

Sarah was very sad. She stayed in her icicle house for two whole days and cried and cried.

‘Look’, she said on the third day, ‘my hot tears are melting the icicle house! What will I do?’ Then she heard a noise at the door...

It was the polar bear - her friend had come back! ‘I have a new family, Sarah’, he told her. ‘I met a nice woman polar bear, called Saoirse, and we now have three little bear cubs to look after. We are very tired and have come to ask you to come and play with the cubs so we can have a rest. Will you come with us?’

Sarah said, ‘I can’t come. I would miss my icicle house too much.’ But then she stopped and looked around her. She wondered...

‘Will the icicle house ever stop melting? If it doesn’t, then where will I be? I will have no little boy to play with, no polar bear to snuggle, and no house!’

So, Sarah packed up her clothes and left with her polar bear friend. She looked back at her melting house and was sad but also very happy.

She spent three days with the polar bear family playing all the time. At night she would be very tired and would snuggle up with the three bear cubs, their hearts all beating together.

On the fourth day one of the cubs shouted, ‘I can see a shape on the horizon!’
Sarah and the family all ran out to see. At once Sarah knew it was the boy. ‘He has come to find me’, she thought. She was very happy. Now that she had left her icicle house and her polar bear friend was safe and happy, she could leave. She packed some clothes and said goodbye to her good friends.

As they walked off together, Sarah and the boy were very happy and smiled a lot. They travelled all over the world, had many wonderful adventures and made lots of new friends.



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