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Intuitive Drawings

Magic Realism Series 2017 - 2020

These are a few of the hundreds of drawings I have created in this series. The images are a visual diary from day to day of how I feel and my visions for the future. See new drawings at @AoifeValleyArt facebook page each week.

Above Below

Autumn Cloak

Basket of Pears

Bear Woman


Falling Apart Together

Heart Energy

Retreat Emergence

The Sofa

Come Together


It is time for cloudy weather

The Dancer, sometimes

Falling into Place

Skin Bath

Full Moon

Garden Body


Hair Healing

Back Home

Frog Woman

Making it Rain - Bog Fires

New Moon

New Moon Threads

Petal Bed


Olive Tree

Bee Body

Venus and Mars

Yellow Umbrella

Indigenous Calling


Wind and Water

Tree Walker

Raven Hollow

The Swing

Sun and Moon

Crossing Over Golden

The Egg

The Cave

The Sprout

The Gift

The Sea


The Wound


She Spoke, He Listened

The Cow

River Body




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