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The Handbag Book for Women

The Handbag Book for Women is a wee oracle for your handbag, full of affirmations, meditations and images designed to focus, guide and soothe...

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Visiting the Girl

Spiritual Memoir

In Visiting the Girl I visit the girls I once was, and describe how I coped and healed from violence and neglect.

I enter the large senior dining room from the back. She is sitting alone at a table at the far end. As I approach she stiffens; her back is a closed door. I know she doesn't want me there, and definitely doesn't want to talk or listen. She contains a bristling anger deserving of respect.
I sit down beside her, taking care not to screech my chair. I won't ask her anything. I won't speak. I will just sit here and feel what it is like to be next to her.
She is surrounded by shiny, hard wood of floors, tables and panelling. She faces dense wooden doors that open out to a foyer, and a wide staircase leading up to a handful of classrooms. To the right of the stairs is a door to the new building and the rest of the school. To the left an old lift, long out of use.
I visit her like this a few times a day. Sometimes I forget about her for hours at a time, and as soon as I think of that room, she is there again sitting alone and I know I must visit.
Each time I sit down next to her she stiffens a little less. There is a softening occurring just with my silent presence and willingness to show up. She seems to expect me now.
So, I come back again and again and sit with her, not knowing when this will end, or how it will end, but aware that eventually it has to change. Something will happen and everything will get better.

This dining room was part of the old convent where I went to an all-girl's secondary school until I was fourteen years old. I was in the large senior dining area, and sitting alone during class time because I couldn't walk up the stairs. I sat there with books spread out in front of me feeling utterly alone, like my whole world had been turned upside down, which it had...

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A Peaceful Life is Possible ~
Soul Care Handbook

A thorough introduction to mindfulness meditation, and how it can make each part of our lives easier and more joyful.

Meditation is a big word for the small and simple act of making friends with yourself. The most important relationship we ever have in this life is the one we have with ourselves - with our own souls.  When this relationship is honest and loving then all other aspects of our life become so too.

I have meditated every day for over a decade now. I found the meditations described in this book at a time in my life when I had had enough of suffering. Having experienced a  violent childhood I was filled with pain, yet I knew there had to be a way out of all this suffering that didn't involve me leaving my body.

When I reached rock bottom, I found it. I found a way to face suffering, move through it, and  dissolve it for good. Within the active and deliberate process of vipassana / mindfulness meditation, I came to see that as the weakening mental habits of living in the past or future dissolve, a natural and reliable state of well-being appears.

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Teach an Oighir /
The Icicle House

A story of love and friendship, divine timing and personal growth.

Sarah lives in a faraway world of ice and snow, where her only friend is the White Bear, who visits once a year. Then, one year, a boy wrapped in a big fur coat comes instead of the White Bear - and she begins a magical journey that brings her to the heart of love. Accompanied by sensitive illustrations. 

Teach an Oighir children's book, written and illustrated by Aoife Valley, was published in Irish in 2009.

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