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Visiting the Girl Book Cover


Visiting the Girl

Spiritual Memoir
Healing Trauma with Imagination, Nature Connection & Meditation


Recounted in a poetic narrative style, the author 'visits' the girl she once was, taking us deep, to a cellular level, into the resilience, suffering and beauty of a child enduring abuse and neglect.
The girl discovers that in her seeming isolation she is not alone, as she finds a growing presence within herself and the natural world, that the adults around her in their brutality can never touch.
Through her beautifully ethereal writing Aoife describes how to heal trauma and restore one's soul.


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A Peaceful Life is Possible ~
Mindfulness Meditation Handbook

A Peaceful Life is Possible handbook is a simple yet thorough introduction to mindfulness meditation techniques.

Part One explores what it's like to be a human being with a body/mind that thinks, feels, senses and remembers. It explains how mindfulness strengthens a sense of responding rather than reacting to life's ups and downs.

Part Two guides the reader through four simple yet powerful meditations, and explains how to easily integrate these into a daily routine. When one strengthens mindfulness and compassion daily, an effortless capacity to learn from the past and create a positive future occurs. The practise of these meditations allows  the bad habit of stressful living to dissolve and our own unique soul presence then has a chance to flourish.

Part Three's short chapters explore situations, life stages and relationships in which we all find ourselves, and shows how the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion changes them all for the better. The chapters show that there is no part of life that mindfulness cannot enhance - from driving to eating, and body image to creativity, we can all navigate the days of our lives in greater harmony.

Sitting in between the religious and the secular, this book speaks to the majority of people, who want their lives to be healthier and happier, without necessarily having to buy into any particular dogma.





The Icicle House

Children's Book


Published January 2017 in English
October 2010 in Irish

With sensitive illustrations, this poetic book explores themes of emotion, friendship, empowerment, and divine timing, within the ever-changing presence of nature.

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The icicle House



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