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I am passionate about helping people unearth their innate mindful presence.

My spiritual practice began early. Growing up in an extremely violent home in Northern Ireland during the war, I found solas in connection to animals, the natural world, stories of saints at school, and the Divine Feminine. I started a Yoga practice and working with Animal Cards in my late teens, both of which remain part of my daily spiritual practice today.

After my Fine Art degree I worked in Cross-border and Cross-community arts projects with teenagers, and Conflict Resolution with adults, while deepening my understanding of Celtic Spirituality.

In my late 20s I trained intensively in the Buddhist tradition for 5 years, experiencing two years practising Vipassana meditation (from which the current 'mindfulness' is derived) for 5 hours every day, and since then over 20,000 hours on silent retreat and 14 years of daily practise.

I trained in Non-Violent Communication at Findhorn in 2010, where I was called to teach mindfulness meditation. I developed my own independent teaching style centred in compassion, and then completed the Mindfulness in Schools training.

Since then I have taught thousands of adults and children to meditate - in schools, adult education, healthcare, families, businesses and individuals from all walks of life. I have held weekly classes, silent residential retreats and coached women 1-1 since 2012.

In the past ten years I have also been furthering my study of Shamanism, Herbalism, Energy Medicine, Tapping and Feng Shui. I connect weekly with spiritual teachers from many traditions.

I continue to Create Art and write most days. In 2017 I finished my first three books including the popular The Handbag Book for Women.

I am nourished by living in tune with the land and my animal companions. I am an organic gardener and natural beekeeper.


Aoife Valley 2018

I came to meditation in my late 20s, after years of chronic pain, panic attacks, insomnia and depression.

When I went on that first silent retreat my life changed completely. I had finally found a way to heal the traumas of the past and express my true voice.

To me, these meditation techniques that heal body, mind and heart are a birth right. This is why I teach. I know from personal experience that we really can heal from anything, no matter how terrible.

It is because of a daily practise of meditation and self-care that my life just keeps getting better and better.


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