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Mindfulness and Compassion for a happy, purposeful life...

Since 2010 I have taught thousands of adults and children to meditate - in schools, adult education, healthcare, families, businesses and individuals from all walks of life. I have held weekly classes, silent residential retreats and worked with people 1-1.

I trained intensively in the Buddhist tradition for five years, experiencing two years practising Vipassana meditation, from which the current 'mindfulness' is derived, for five hours every day, and since then over 20,000 hours on silent retreat. I have a serious daily meditation practice of over fourteen years.

I trained in Non-Violent Communication at Findhorn in 2010, where I was called to teach mindfulness meditation. I developed my own independent teaching style centred in compassion, and then completed the Mindfulness in Schools training. I teach in a practical, non-religious way, my primary aim being to help reunite people with their own souls.

My spiritual practice began early. Growing up in an extremely violent home in Northern Ireland during the war, I found solas in connection to the natural world. I started a Yoga practice in my late teens, which remains part of my daily spiritual practice today.

After my Fine Art degree I worked in cross-border and cross-community arts projects with teenagers, and conflict resolution with adults. I continue to create art and write most days. In 2017 I finished my first three books including the popular The Handbag Book for Women.

I am nourished by living in tune with the land and my animal companions. I'm an organic gardener, natural beekeeper, and cocreated The Honeybee Helpers and Beeing Weisel.


Aoife Valley 2019


I came to meditation in my late 20s, after years of chronic pain, panic attacks, insomnia and depression.

When I went on that first silent retreat my life changed completely. I had finally found a way to heal the traumas of the past and express my true voice.

To me, these meditation techniques that heal body, mind and heart are a birth right. This is why I teach. I know from personal experience that we really can heal from anything, no matter how terrible.

It is because of a daily practise of meditation and self-care that my life just keeps getting better and better.



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