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The Ultimate Self-Care Course for Women


Self-Care for Women

This 8 - week course is designed for women ready to change their lives for the better.

Through the intention of self-care, each week we will focus on cultivating healthy daily habits and inclining routines towards healing and focus.

Meditation, creativity, energy healing, intention-setting and ritual will combine to create a safe and nurturing space in which lasting change can occur.

The Eight Themes

  • Mindfulness - Intention
  • Self-Care - Compassionate Mind
  • Self-Love - Your Inner Girl
  • Focus - Purpose
  • Healing the Past - Emptying Out
  • From Fear to Love - Attitude
  • Daily Ease - From Numbness to Aliveness
  • Loving Relationships - Restoring Natural Boundaries


New Course beginning in Letterkenny this Winter...



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