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Reconnect and Realign


Healing with Aoife Valley


Healing body & mind

One to Ones

I help people heal emotional, physical, work and relationship issues. Appointments in Annagry or by telephone. €30 per hour or Dana.

Workshops 2021 / 2022

Workshops in creativity, spirituality and nature connection @ The Organic Centre 10am-4pm

Realign with Mother Earth - Sat 20th Nov 2021. Nature-based spiritual practices.
Zen of Drawing - Sat 19th Feb 2022. Drawing ourselves back into nature.
Quieting the Mind - Sat 26th March 2022. 10am-4pm. Compassion and observation meditations.
Realign with Mother Earth - Sat 14th May
Quieting the Mind - Sat 3rd July 2022
Zen of Drawing - Sat 17th Sept 2022
Realign with Mother Earth - Sat 19th Nov 2022

Video, Art & Audio

A Lighthouse on YouTube: health freedom commentary.
Scríobhaí Art Services:
personalised artwork.
Guided Meditations: awareness and compassion meditations.


Healing with Aoife Valley


Aoife Valley

For over 25 years I have been an independent workshop leader in the fields of nonviolence and community arts, helping people, young and old, reconnect with creativity and compassion. For 10 years I have taught body-awareness meditation to thousands of people in groups and 1-1. More recently I have been studying body/mind healing through the nourishment and detoxification protocols of Medical Medium.

I have been an intuitive healer since I was a child and strengthened my awareness and compassion on over 20,000 hours on silent retreat in Buddhist monasteries and retreat centres. My daily meditation practice and reverence for God and Mother Earth are the ground on which I stand.

I grew up in a violent home in Northern Ireland during the war and the self love required to heal from this foundation informs everything I do. In my twenties I left a Masters degree in Fine Art to move to the Donegal Gaeltacht, then travelled all around the world visiting diverse cultures and lands. Since then Donegal has been home: where I live a local, ecological, conscious and healthy life.

Bíonn intinn fholláin i gcorp folláin ♡ A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

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Healing with Aoife Valley



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Healing with Aoife Valley


Generosity of Spirit

Dana means 'generosity of spirit' in the Buddhist tradition. It is one of the core foundations of a spiritual life.

The tradition of dana recognises our interconnectedness and is meant to strengthen community trust and personal integrity. It is important that teachers not withhold support due to financial circumstances, nor encourage people to take without giving something in return.

If you have money to give, give what you would for an equivalent 1-1 therapy or retreat, and if you do not have money to give, you are invited to give in other doable ways.

Read more about the tradition of dana here

Healing with Aoife Valley



I offer my healing support as dana, which means that I accept donations and/or exchanges for the service I provide. You can offer money, food or other goods or services. If in doubt just ask.

For 1-1s, workshops and reteats people generally give between €20 and €70, depending on their means. Click here to pay online, or give cash in person.


Food: I eat lots of the following so always welcome extra: celery, coriander, bananas, mangoes, radishes or melons (non-organic OK). Organic: apples, oranges, lemons, grapes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber or oats. Frozen: peas or wild blueberries (non-organic OK)

Thank you for supporting my work

Read more about how dana works here.