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Woman Happy Sunshine
I can help you begin and sustain
a gentle daily meditation practice
centred on self-care and inspiration...



Mindfulness Mondays
Weekly Drop-in Class,
7-8pm @ Aura Letterkenny


Mindfulness Day Retreat
by the Sea

Sunday 17th June
1pm - 7pm


Leaf Sun
We are here to expand and evolve.
A daily meditation practice makes
this process quicker and more joyful...

Mindfulness Blog

My new blog posts 'Freeing the word God' and 'I am here breathing'  explore how mindfulness and compassion open up whole new worlds of peace and happiness while melting away stress-based beliefs and opinions.


Meditating at Lake
My job is to help bring out the wisdom
that already exists within you,
with compassion, focus and kindness...





Download guided meditations
for your device for just €4



Free live guided meditations


Cushions painting by Aoife Valley
Life is beautiful and so are you...

Art / Illustration

Meditative imagery celebrating Life, the Natural Living World, Healing the Body, Colour, Archetypes and Self-Care.

View paintings and drawings

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